On the Trail of the Vikings

We are heading out on Tuesday for a month-long trip/cruise tracing the voyages of my Viking DNA! I’ve set up this site to post pictures and commentary to share with family and friends. 

We will spend a few days in Amsterdam first, then on to Copenhagen where we board the ship. We cruise the fiords and visit Bergen Norway then visit three ports in Iceland. Next stops are in Greenland, then across to Saint Johns Newfoundland, then Halifax and finally disembark in New York City. We will spend a few days in Toronto before heading home to Vancouver on September 13.

I hope to post pictures and updates every couple of days (assuming a decent internet connection). 

Thanks for following along! ⚓️

About Stephen Hansen

I have two blogs: (1) Boardswork (boardswork.ca), which is my professional blog focussing on board governance and public education topics; (2) Posts From Earth (postsfromearth.com), which is my personal blog on a variety of topics, opinions and updates. I can be reached through either blog or at sehansen6263@gmail.com
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