We are spending a couple of days in Copenhagen before boarding the ship. It has been around 12 years since our last visit here and expectedly, things have changed somewhat. It is still a wonderful city – the iconic landmarks are still here – the boats and restaurants of Nyhavn, Tivoli, Stroget (the walking street), the pastry shops, the Little Mermaid, etc. but there are lots of new buildings going up, fewer bicycles, and more cars than I remember. 

This is where a quarter of my DNA originates so I have an affinity for the city. It is a unique blend of Scandinavian modern, cosmopolitan vibe, and Danish quaint.  

Dinner tonight at a restaurant known for its traditional Danish food. Tomorrow- on the ship and heading to Norway!

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One Response to Copenhagen 

  1. tomadaonline says:

    We head to Copenhagen 4 weeks from today. Loved your thoughts and photos.


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