I didn’t think anything could match the natural beauty of Iceland, but then we cruised through Prince Christian Sund – a long channel along the bottom of Greenland. 

The pictures below don’t begin to describe how amazing it was. We were very lucky to have a clear and calm day for the passage, which is apparently not the norm. For close to eight hours we slipped through narrow passages with steep cliffs, glaciers and weaterfalls on either side. Icebergs, too numerous to count, dotted the way. 

There are five places along the passage where the ice cap glaciers reach the ocean. As we went by one, a large chunk calved off creating a clap of thunder and large spray. I saw this once in Alaska but this was even better because of the isolation. For most of the passage our ship was totally alone except for a small sailboat we passed coming the other way. A couple of times where the passage was wide enough the captain slowly spun the ship around to get a full 360 view of the glacier we were passing by with only a few hundred metres to spare on either side. 

Near the end of the channel we passed a small isolated Inuit fishing village. Except for the weekly supply ferry very few ships come by the village. Our passing brought out a half dozen open power boats to view our ship, take pictures and wave. It was as much an event for them as us!  Although cruise ships are becoming more frequent in Greenland very few go through this passage. 

This has been some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen!

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