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I didn’t think anything could match the natural beauty of Iceland, but then we cruised through Prince Christian Sund – a long channel along the bottom of Greenland.  The pictures below don’t begin to describe how amazing it was. We … Continue reading

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The first two of our three scheduled stops in Iceland were Akuryri on the north end of the island, and  Isafjodur on the northwest. Both are small towns existing mainly for fishing and a bit of farming. Now that they … Continue reading

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North Atlantic/ Arctic Circle 

A couple of blustery days at sea in the North Atlantic and crossing the Arctic Circle.

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Bergen Norway

Second largest city in Norway. Great views from the hilltop – had to take a tram to the top. 

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We are spending a couple of days in Copenhagen before boarding the ship. It has been around 12 years since our last visit here and expectedly, things have changed somewhat. It is still a wonderful city – the iconic landmarks … Continue reading

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Rembrandt et al

An afternoon at the Rijks Museum. The pictures speak for themselves..

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Windmills, Dikes and Clogs

We toured out of the city today to find some of the mainstays of Dutch tourism – windmills, dikes and clogs. It only takes a brief ride to leave the city behind for vast fields of reclaimed land (polders) surrounded … Continue reading

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Anne Frank House

No photos allowed. None needed. The message will last. “It is not a memory. It is a warning to all of us” – Shimon Peres – visiting Anne Frank House, 2013 Always relevant. More so now.

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Amsterdam – First Impressions

We’ve been in Amsterdam for just a day so far and are still a little time-zone fuzzy, but I am very impressed. What a friendly, tidy, and practical city! It reminds me of Copenhagen but with more canals and, if … Continue reading

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On the Trail of the Vikings

We are heading out on Tuesday for a month-long trip/cruise tracing the voyages of my Viking DNA! I’ve set up this site to post pictures and commentary to share with family and friends.  We will spend a few days in … Continue reading

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